10 Backing Tracks: Practice

We’ve already shown you how to start writing a song. In this article, you will find a collection of backing tracks that will help you practicing. Listen, mute single instruments and contribute to the songs. Learn to improvise and write songs together with others. Because nobody is as patient with you as your backing track. So, let’s go! 

#1 Feeds in the sand

This is a great track created by users of sofasession including drums, bass, guitar, and voice.

How to contribute? Click “contribute” to open the whole project (see the gif below). As you see on the left side, there are many contributions to the song with different instruments. Mute instruments you don’t need. Contribute with your instrument by recording a new track. For songwriting, you could just keep drums and bass and play along.

Backing Tracks –How to contribute to a song on sofasession

How to use the backing tracks? Read on here.

#2 Collab Song

A song which is part of the Music Bridge Project by Silvino from Mozambique. You have many options in this backing track: metronome, guitar, several voice tracks, bass and drums. Many users contributed already, it’s only your creativity which is missing.

#3 Breakeven

A great rock song with guitar and vocals in one track with some drums added. I’d use the drums when writing a pop song. Also there is still room for great other instruments and melodies to be added.


#4 Let’s contribute

A great song meant for contributions as the title tells us. It has some drums, bass and guitar riffs you can work on. In this version, there are also amazing vocals by Yalda. Mute the instruments you don’t need and jam to it.

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#5 Kakaosucht

A great song for all drums, bass and piano players who want to practice improvisation. This track here consists of a guitar and voice track with German lyrics. A second guitar was added.

#6 Hooray!

You’ll find some piano, drum & bass foundation here. A saxophone was added. This song is perfect for jazz singers, saxophone, trumpet or guitar players to improvise on.

#7 Foodmix

Fast drums & slow piano are recorded as one track here. Other users added sax and bass as separate backing tracks. Great song to practice vocal improvisations.

#8 All In Red

An energizing song with some separate tracks for drums, bass, keys, guitar, brass and sax. A guitar solo was added, maybe yours is next?

Backing tracks by bands

There are some amazing bands here on sofasession. They uploaded some of their songs as multi-track records. So you can mute single instruments and play or record your own version of the song.

#9 Plush Stone

Here you have separate tracks for Drums, Bass, Guitar, Voice and Saxophone. A great song by the band Stone Breeze you can use to practice your own instrument and improvise.

#10 Glass Bones

This amazing rock song by the band Lausch with some drums, bass, guitar, Moog, vocals and back vocals. Add instruments which are missing or mute everything apart from bass & drums to play some solos or whatever you feel like doing. Up to you.


Do you like collections of backing tracks like those? We’ve got you some Beatles backing tracks here. And some Blues Backing tracks, too. Enjoy!

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