Backing track library: Practice your music skills with 1000+ songs

2 minute read. Last updated on November 22, 2016.

We all have been there: You’ve learned a new scale and would like to practice improvising with it. But what if nobody is around to play music with? You could load a backing track and practice as much as you like. In this article, I want to answer the most basic questions about backing tracks and show you how to use our 1000+ backing track catalog for free.

This article answers the following questions. Click to scroll to the right Q&A.
What is a backing track?
How can you practice jamming with a backing track?
What is the backing track library on sofasession?
How to play with a backing track in a jam session?
How to add your creativity to other songs on sofasession?

What is a backing track?

A backing track is a recorded track that musicians can play or sing along to. It includes instruments the playing musician cannot play himself because he has not the ability, is already playing another instrument or because a live instrument would be impractical (like a string quartett).

How can you practice jamming with a backing track?

  1. Choose a song you like. Check here which scales and chords fit together.
  2. Make sure the track contains all instruments you need. A multi-track works best to turn off your instrument.
  3. Start your improvisation. Try out different rhythms, dynamics, and pitches with the right scale.
  4. Record your improvisation to learn from it. Or to ask others for feedback.

What is the backing track library on sofasession?

On sofasession you can jam online in real-time by connection your instrment or mic to the online jam studio. You can jam alone or together with other musicians, just freely or with a backing track.

This newest feature makes your jam more amazing than ever. You can now start a session and click through the song library to choose your next backing track. Use genre and instrument filters to search for specific songs. Stay in your session and load one song after the other. So you can play and jam to 1000+ tracks on the platform!

Backing track library for playing and jamming
Join sofasession for free to use the 1000+ backing track catalog. And to create your own ones.

How to play with a backing track in a jam session?


1. Start a new public or private session

Start a new private or public session
Go to the backstage area and start a new session. Choose between private and public. A private session will be just you. A public session can be seen by other users and they can join. You can change this setting at any time, though.

Are you new on sofasession? All you need is a quick 1-minute sign up for free. You will find all info for a setup in this short guide here

2. Choose your song genre, instruments, title or musician

Find the type of backing track you want
You can filter example for only pop, rock or jazz songs. Look for a specific song title. Or just all track with drums. Whatever you need, you can find it.

3. Choose one backing track

Load the backing track into your session
And load it by clicking “load”.

4. Adjust the instruments and play along

Mute and change volume of your backing track
You can mute some instruments or change their volume. And adjust your own volume, too.
Note: If you have other people in your session, they will hear exactly the same sound you do. If you muted e.g. the lead guitar, they will hear it muted, too.


5. Record to the backing track

Record a version based on the backing track

If you wish, you can record your instrument or voice improvisation over each backing track. Click on the green record button in the right down corner. You don’t have to record, though – if you just want to play, click the play button and enjoy jamming.

You have practiced enough and would like to write an own song? Here are 10 ultimate tips for writing a song as a beginner. 


6. Upload your take to save your own backing track

Upload your take and name the instruments

After you recorded, you can decide to delete it (remove from mix) or upload it to the platform. If you choose the latter option, other musicians on sofasession will hear your take. If you want to do that press “upload the take”, give the track a name (e.g. Guitar) and choose the instrument you played. Then other users can find your track easily.

7. Or delete your take to choose a new backing track

Choose new backing track

If you don’t want to save what you recorded, click “delete take” and choose a new backing track.


8. Load a new backing track whenever you want

Load the new backing track anytime

Note for public sessions: Since you started the session, you are the so-called “host”. Only you can change the song, mute instruments, change the volume. Whoever joins your session has to follow you and hears exactly the same instruments and backing track you do.

How to add your creativity to other songs on sofasession?

Now you know how it works, you can start your own session with one of the 1000 backing tracks on sofasession. Do you still have questions? Leave a comment below or write us on Facebook or via Mail. We are a nice team behind all this, so write us!

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