Band photos: Your 4-step checklist

1-minute-read. Band or musician photos are something we all need as musicians. No matter if you are going to take them yourself, ask a friend or hire a professional photographer – use this 4-step-checklist. It will help you to prepare best and make sure your next photos will be amazing. 

Have an idea about your band photos

In the first step, you need to think about how you want your band photos to be.It will help you to vision your perfect band photos upfront. Follow these questions:

  • What makes your music and band authentic? Who is your audience? How do you want to be seen?  Make a small research on other band’s photos to get some ideas – but do not copy them. That’s boring. Here’s a pinterest collection with amazing band photos
  • Where do you want the photos to be taken? Inside or outside?
  • What are you going to wear? Is it important to show the different band personalities or your integrity as a band?
  • Which poses are you going to make? Are you all going to stand on the same level or will somebody be in the front?
  • Do you want to include some props like your instruments, furniture, animals?
  • Which formats do you need? Landscape, vertical, square? Think of your Social Media Channels & your music marketing goals – it will help to plan the photos.

Why do you need to think about all this? Although most photographers will suggest you poses and locations, it’s your photo taken here. Make it easier for both sides and note some thoughts upfront. Then you can discuss them with your photographer and develop ideas together.

Nice example for band photos. Source: Flickr
Nice example for band photos. Source: Flickr

Find a photographer for your band photos

Where to find a good photographer? Find a professional or ask around for hobby photographers, art and photography students. Ask other musicians from your community to recommend somebody. Questions to ask:

  • Does this person have a professional camera?
  • Does she/he have a portfolio which you can check upfront? Do you like the style?
  • Do you have the budget to hire this photographer? Talk about the money upfront to avoid misunderstandings. The range of photographers is wide – you can have photos for free because the person is still learning or is a nice friend. It’s always nice if you reward the effort the photographer puts into the photos. If you hire a professional, be ready to pay a good amount of money.
  • Meet with the photographer to talk about your ideas upfront – no need for the whole band to go. Discuss your ideas and set the shooting date.
Choose a photographer who's style you like. Source: Flickr.
Choose a photographer who’s style you like. Source: Flickr.

Shooting the band photos

Before you go to the shooting, ask yourself:

  • Did you sleep well enough?
  • Do you have all outfits and props ready?
  • Do you have enough time for the shooting? Plan at least 3-4 hours

While shooting the band photos:

  • Did you try all poses and facial expressions possible?
  • Did you make the most use of your location?
  • Did you try different compositions of your band members?
  • Did you try the same composition from different angles, heights, perspectives?

Choosing & using the band photos

  • Do you have at least 3 good pictures? That’s a good shooting result.
  • Which editing do you want to have?When are you going to have the photos? Talk to the photographer at the end of the shooting and set some deadlines and clarify the process
  • Also talk about this: Which rights do you have on the photos? Can you edit them by yourself?
  • Which rights does the photographer have? Where can she/he publish the photos?

I hope you find these tips helpful and will create great band photos in your next shooting! Find here some tips for your music career. And read this if you want to play music together online.

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And here is your personal checklist which you can download:

Band Photos Checklist

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