Band Practice and How It Improves Performance!

Will band practice improve the sound output of your band? Absolutely! Practice is an essential element to making good music–and is so to any discipline.

Practicing makes you a better band

Band practice can sometimes come as a tedious chore that is rather left for another time–however the practice element is what elevates each one’s skill on an instrument in a way that nothing else can do–which in turn creates a better band. Lets take a look at some real proof for this.

Band practice
Become a better musician and practice with your band

Your brain is incredibly plastic–it can change easily as you learn new things. Myelin is the substance in your brain that helps you to learn, it increases the speed at which information is carried across your brain. Therefore, the more frequently you practice over time will cause the neural pathways in your brain to work better because of the increased myelin that is created. In fact, brain scans of world class pianists show that they have far more myelin “matter” in their brain than regular people (as a result from all their years of practice). Practice truly changes your brain on a deep level–and is literally shown to create great performers.

Does practice make your band perfect?

Band practice gives you confidence as an individual as well as a group. The more you practice the better you will become at your own part and harmonizing well as a band. As you gain more confidence, you will naturally feel in more complete control of your own instrument and part. Any anxiety or nervousness you may feel at performance time will be much subdued compared to what you may experience when you practice less. I personally find confidence when performing to be one of the most important things–it puts me in a place of feeling secure and more free to take risks that I normally wouldn’t.

Five ways to improve your band practice

Ok, here it comes: Our top 5 secrets to become a better band through practicing.

1 – Get the one song right

Becoming better is about getting better one step after another. To begin with, pick one song that you would like to practice – and focus on it. Everybody should learn his or her part for that song (no matter if cover song or your own). The prerequisite for the band to sound nice is that everybody knows what he or she needs to do.

2 – Take all necessary information with you

Are you the singer in the band and tend to forget the lyrics? Print them out and take them with you.
Do you always forget in which key to play the song? Print the chord sheet.
How did that solo go again? Print out the guitar tabs.
Take all the ressources that you need to perform to your band practice. It will help you and make it a better experience for everyone.

3 – Timing is everything – so be on time

A good band has a great timing. And it starts with being on time for your band practice. Don’t let the other ones wait!

4 – Have a great sound at the rehearsal room

Get the sound balance right, so that every musician hears everyone else in the room. Or use an online jamming tool like sofasession to rehearse the song.

5 – Practice, improve, repeat

Becoming better is nothing that happens overnight. You will need to practice with your band regularly, understand the room for improvement and repeat it.

All in all, band practice makes you a better musician on your own and increases your level of musicianship. Your own part will be fluid on your fingers, and you will be free to listen and be sensitive to your fellow musicians–that is what making music is all about.

Band Practice and 5 Ways to Improve Performance
Band Practice and 5 Ways to Improve Performance

written by: VideoKandy and Helmut