Blues Backing Tracks 2.0 to practice your improvisation skills

Blues is the most basic and important root for many songs nowadays. So we’ve created some blues backing tracks for you to play and improvise to. They can be used for every type of instrument. Simply mute instrument tracks you don’t need and off you go. Find the tracks embedded here. 

Blues in E

This is some simple Blues with 4Bars E7, 2Bars A7, 2bars B7, 1 Bar E7 and1 Bar B7.

Do you want to mute or change the volume of a single instrument? Then hit the note symbol next to the play button (contribute), log in and change the volume of each instrument track. 


Blues in F


Minor Blues in F /Green Onions

Why blues backing tracks 2.0?

This is not a simple mp3 file. There are amazing extra features included.

1. You can click on each title and mute the instrument tracks which you don’t need or change the volumes of each instrument.

2. You can record your own solo or chords to spice up the track. Or make a whole song out of blues backing tracks.

3. You can send the link to your friends, parents, grandparents, girlfriends and boyfriends to let them admire your great musical skills or add their ideas.

4. You can improvise based on these tracks with other registered musicians – or even jam with them in real-time.
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Jazz Blues in F – Billie’s Bounce

This track by Charlie Parker is a 12 bar blues in F from 1945.


Blues in A

This one is a Rock Blues in A with the following structure: AAAA/DDAA/EEAA.

Blues in A major

You don’t feel like Blues today? Check out the Beatles Backing Tracks and Backing Tracks for songwriting and improvising.

Blues in A shorted

Everybody especially loves Blues in A, here is another version with a7, d7, a7, a7,   d7, d7, a7, a7,  e7, d7, a7, e7. Enjoy!


Slow Blues in A minor

  • Part A: Am Am Am Am —- Dm Dm Am Am —- Dm Dm Am Am —- Em Dm Am E7
  • Part B: C Em F C Dm F C G7sus
  • Form: AABA use A minor scale or pentatonic

Blues in C


Are you looking for other backing tracks? Here is a compilation of 10 backing tracks in all categories – best for jamming and songwriting. Join the community to make music with international and local musicians online. Do you want to record your songs? Find out what you need in this article here.

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