How can you connect with musicians on sofasession?

Have you joined sofasession to connect with musicians? We’ve got you some tips how to make most out of the platform. And how to add friends on sofasession.

Wait… think of this before you start

What kind of musician are you looking for? To do what?

Are you looking for jam mates? A band? Somebody for your project? Which instrument and skills are you looking for?

Other people are also looking for you. Add info about your genre, instrument, and experience on your profile. Go backstage and click “update your profile”.

How to connect with musicians on sofasession

There is a very simple method for finding musicians on sofasession. Check this gif here:

Find musicians on sofasession add friends

  • Login to sofasession and click “browse” in the upper bar.
  • Filter for genre, instrument, age, location, and gender.
  • Click “Search” to find musicians you are looking for.
  • Click “follow” to connect with the musicians.
  • Alternative: Open the user’s profile to see more info. Click “follow” here.

Meet the musician you’ve found

What next? Schedule a time for a meeting and session. You can do that offline or even online using sofasession. Already have an account? Find the jam scheduler here. If not: Create a free account here.

Connect with musicians on sofasession
Join the community of amazing musicians. Connect with musicians from everywhere.

How to really connect with musicians:

Of course, it’s not about adding people, but about making music together. How can you really connect?

  • Browse through the newest songs. Listen to them. Contact the musicians via chat or private message.
  • Join jam sessions or choose a date for an own one.
  • Browse through other people’s songs. Contribute your ideas to their tracks.
  • Say it, if you’re looking for musicians. Add it to your profile. Tell what you need for when you post a new song.
  • Join conversations and discussions. Comment other people’s music. Interact.

Do you still have questions? Comment below or write me a message.


Photo sources: Flickr and Flickr.