Cover Song Contest winner gets 2 Rock in Vienna Tickets

Together with Rock in Vienna we are giving away two amazing 3-day tickets for the Rock in Vienna Festival 2016. So two weeks ago we started a cover song contest. Users contributed to some cover songs on the platform. Applause to all musicians who took part. And the winner of the Cover Song Contest is…

Raju Baba

Congratulations, Rajubaba!

How was the winner chosen? We looked at creativity and quality of each cover song. Also, we were super impressed how many tracks Raju contributed (4!). As always the decision was not easy! Congratulations to the winner. And good job everybody who took part!

Why are we doing this? Because on sofasession we want to connect musicians and make it easier for them to play together. We created a platform where you can jam online in real-time, record song ideas and invite people to live sessions. You feel like checking it out? It’s free. Join us now!

Here’s the winning cover song:


Hit the play button to listen to it.

Here is a cool version, too. The drummer Alex played along with Rajubaba. The team loves this mix as well!

It’s not every day you win a cover song contest and some festival tickets. So what does Raju say to the whole thing? “WOW !!!!” We also asked him some questions.


What bands are you most excited about?

Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Iggy pop, Kreator, Slayer & Apocalyptica

Who will join you during this festival?

I will take my girlfriend along because she has to tolerate my music every day…bare with my guitar playing.

In case, you missed this contest, no worries. Other contests will come and you might be the lucky winner next time. Meanwhile stay up to date with our blog & community by liking sofasession on Facebook.


The cover song contest price:

Cover Song Contest by sofasession & rock in vienna

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