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We’ve got some amazing band here in the sofasession community like Vitruv, Lausch, Powernerd. It’s time to introduce you to a new band – Destroyed But Not Defeated. The best part is: You can play along with their track “The Art Of Losing” which is available as multi-track here. Get to know the band & access the track easily here. 


Destroyed But Not Defeated – The Art Of Losing

The single tracks you can use in this song are Drums, Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals. Click on the note “contribute” to mute single tracks if you don’t need them. Note: You need to be logged in for that.

What you need to know about Destroyed But Not Defeated

Destroyed But not Defeated is this type of band you want to introduce to this friend of yours, who already knows all the great musicians before they get BIG. The three are based in Vienna, Austria and play Rock.

The three musicians Recently the new EP “The world is changing and so must we” which you can buy here. It is said to be the best record the three musicians have produced so far.

You’ll love them if you love strong Guitar-Bass-Drums songs and are looking for something 90ies like but are tired of Nirvana and Foo Fighters already.

Destroyed but not defeated – sofasesion bands

Next Live Gigs by Destroyed But Not Defeated

Lucky you if you happen to live in Germany or Austria. Go to their live concert and enjoy here:

  • 16.09.16 Stereo, Klagenfurt (AT)
  • 07.10.16 PMK, Innsbruck (AT)
  • 08.10.16 Milla, Muenchen (D)
  • 12.10.16 Salonschiff Florentine, Linz (AT)
  • 15.10.16 Kunsthure, Graz (AT)
  • 21.10.16 Fluc, Wien (AT)
  • 30.11.16 Waldmeister, Solingen (D)
  • 01.12.16 Schaubude, Kiel (D)
  • 03.12.16 Astra Stube, Hamburg (D)


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