Donauinselfest 2015

Are you ready for the biggest free open air festival in Europe? A lot of new rising acts will rock side by side with famous stars. Check out what going on at this years Donauinselfest #DIF15:

What’s the Donauinselfest?

Donauinselfest is the biggest open-air event in Europe, this year around 3 million visitors are expected!  There are 19 different stages covering genres from pop and rock, over metal, RnB and alternative music to country and traditional Austrian folk music. These stages are spread over 6.5 km of an artificial island in the Viennese danube. That’s why they are also called “islands”. Add a lot of food kiosks with various international dishes and some events for the whole family, like beach volleyball and bag jumping and you’ll get a taste of what Donauinselfest is like. Best of all it’ for free! Most islands are sponsored by big radio stations, newspapers and other companies, making this awesome event possible.

Donauinselfest Festbuehne by Georg Tertsch
Donauinselfest main stage by Georg Tertsch


Who is coming to Donauinselfest?

This year again a lot of amazing artists are coming to the Donauinselfest. On the Radio FM4/ stage for example the Austrian Raper Nazar and the German musician Thees Uhlmann will fire up the audience. On the Wien Energie/Radio Wien island the superstar Anastacia and the local evergreens OPUS will perform. At the spark7/ENERGY stage the dance stars AronChupa and Rene Rodriguezz will make the festival visitors sweat. The Radio Niederösterreich will present a variety of “Schlager” and “Oldie” bands. These are only a view stages and names, but you already get it there are a lot of genres covered and we’re pretty sure there’s something in for everbody!

Donauinselfest 2015 map
Donauinselfest 2015 map

sofasession masterplan:

Well first of all make sure you have some nice friends with you! Your group should be too big though as the Donauinselfest is always pretty crowded and you will probably loose half of your group if you are too many. 😉

Be there early. Most stages start around 5 p.m. to play music, but you can start by enjoying the sun and joining the sport actions like beach volleyball while it’s not sooo crowded.

Check out the official program and make a plan which bands you might want to see. Experience thought us without a plan you are wandering around, stand somewhere in the last row at one of the biggest stages and the next day you are feeling sorry because you missed this really cool, totally different newcomer band that will probably become super famous next year… Check out Sternenmann und Freunde (Friday 3 p.m.), Philipp & Julia (Friday 9:30 p.m.), 5/8erl in Ehr’n (Saturday 9 p.m.) or Coffeeshock Company (Sunday 4:15 p.m.) to name just a few nice Austrian Bands. Usually the party is much better at the smaller stages with less famous bands but feel free to see the stars at the larger stages, like Ö3 or FM4/ island.

Make sure you have enough time to change between stages! The distance may be short but with that many people in one place it might take you forever to get from A to B and it would be a pity to miss those bands you just found…

Eat and drink enough! There are plenty of food corners all over the island. Check them out enjoy the food and drink so you don’t get dehydrated. It’s not too much fun spending the evening in one of the first-aid posts…


Donauinselfest, Kulinarik by Andreas Jakwerth
Donauinselfest, Kulinarik by Andreas Jakwerth