Funky slap guitar workshop with Peter Luha @ Musikmesse Frankfurt

Join the sofasession community and visit our booth at Musikmesse Frankfurt! Learn more about facinating and unconventional playing techniques in Peter Luha’s funky slap guitar workshop – presented by sofasession.

Do you need inspiration and seek new input to improve your style? Are you also bored by all the run of the mill guitar solos and classical playing techniques? Are you open for new challenges and want to add a new note to your licks? Then we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for!

Funky slap guitar workshop- what’s that?

Most of you will know what’s slapping: You take your thumb and strike a string towards the neck of your instrument. Then pull it away as quickly as possible, to create a distinct, “fretty” noise. This technique was invented in the 1910s, but became popular in the 1940s. E-guitars spread quickly and bassists had problems to be recognized. By adding this percussive sound  they simply tried to boost their volume. Slapping is often combined with popping where you pull a string until it snaps against the fingerboard. Here are some bands who commonly use these techniques: Red Hot Chili Peppers H-Blockx, and Korn.

So far for the history lesson, but what does slapping have to do with guitars? Well some guitarists were happy to try out new things so they copied the slapping style. Mostly an acoustic guitars but it can also be done on e-guitars. How this sounds you ask? Check out this amazing video by Peter Luha:

Sounds great right? At least that’s what we think! Therefore we invited an expert in this field to show you how it’s done in a funky slap guitar workshop. At our booth he will demonstrate you some of his crazy solos. Afterwards he’ll give instructions and explain how it works.

Peter Luha

Who is Peter Luha? This really talented Slovak guitarist has a unique style of playing. Based on a mix of various traditional and non-traditional guitar techniques (slapping, tapping, percussive playing) he developed his special sound. Peter Luha knows no genre restrictions and plays on ​​electric as well as acoustic guitars. Besides being the lead guitarist of the progressive rock band Persona Grata, Peter Luha has several solo projects and regularly gives guitar lessons on his youtube channel. For sofasession  he will give one of his cool lessons live at our booth (E64, Hall 5.1) at Musikmesse Frankfurt. Also check out this amazing video of him as winner of the Boss Loop Station World Championship Slovak Finals


sofasession booth

And here is where the funky slap guitar workshop will take place:

Messplan Halle 5.1

The sofasession booth at Musikmesse Frankfurt. We prepared a full program for you with many workshops, concerts and other events. Take part in the sofasession contest, show us your skills and win many awesome prices. Being on your feet the whole day can be pretty exhausting, so we provide you with cold drinks and comfortable seats in our sofa corner where you can listen to the other contestants and chat to fellow musicians.

So join the sofasession community and enjoy the funky slap guitar workshop and all other sofasession events at Musikmesse Frankfurt.