How can you find musicians?

Are you looking for musicians ? For somebody to make music together ? A specific musician for gigs, jam sessions, your band or other projects? Easy. Read this.


Wait… think of this before you start

What kind of musician are you looking for? To do what? It’s always good to be very clear about your goal. That way it’s easier to really find it in the end.

Are you looking for jam mates? A band? Somebody for your project? No matter where you reach out to people, add the following info. Your genre, instrument, and experience. Which instrument and skills are you looking for?

Go to local music schools

Many music schools have students in all ages. Go there and find the next talent in your place.

Join a music course to find musicians

Are there some skills you want to develop? Do you have the time to go to a course? That’ll be a great opportunity to make music with new people.

Look for meet-ups

There are several meet-up platforms out there like meetup. Look for musician groups to meet musicians in your town. Or…

Join Facebook groups for musicians

For every location, there is a Facebook musician group. Good point: There are many musicians in your region. Bad: Most people won’t see your message.


How to find musicians on sofasession

Put an advert in your local newspaper

Classical media still didn’t die out. Put an ad in your local magazine or newspaper. Most newspapers offer free online adverts.

Go to local concerts, jam sessions, and open mic nights

You know which genre you like. Find people who play in your local area doing the same. Go talk to them, tell how amazing you find their music and suggest a collaboration. Check.

Go to local music stores

and get to know the musicians there.

Use these amazing websites to find musicians

If you’re too shy for these options you can try some online websites as well. Also good if you have limited time to look or people:

  • Bandmix: Great to find musicians if you’re located in the US.
  • Join My Band: Musicians wanted in the UK.
  • sofasession: Find & make music right away with musicians from all over the world.

How to meet the musician you’ve found

What next? Schedule a time for a meeting and session. You can do that offline: Fix a time, a place and what you want to play and talk about.

Or you Skype with them to talk about important stuff. And jam online using sofasession. If you already have an account: Find the jam scheduler here. If not: Create free account here.

Find musicians to jam online right away
Join the community of amazing musicians and find musicians to make music with.

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