How To Jam Online For Free

1-minute read. Last update: December 6th, 2016.

Are you looking for ways to jam and make music with other musicians online? In this short guide, we show you how to start your first jam online in only four steps. You will become part of a strong musical community. And start being creative together. Let’s get started. 

Why to jam online for free?

Why jamming with musicians online?
How to jam online for free on sofasession?

    1. Sign up
    2. Download the jamming software
    3. Do your audio setup
    4. Join a session to connect with musicians

Are you ready to jam online? A checklist

Why jamming with musicians online?

Every musician on this planet will agree: Playing together is fun! It’s great, inspiring, makes you feel good and gives you some creative input. A good jam session rocks – no matter if you are part of a band or a solo artist who enjoys playing together with others. It also doesn’t matter if you play blues, jazz, metal or pop – making music together is great.

But what to do if you live far, don’t have time to meet with other musicians or moved abroad from your band? Damn, I wish there was a way to make music together online, you might think.

We’ve checked the web for you and found this article “How to jam with your band online?” from 2012. It collects some cool jam tools like eJamming (paid), JamLink (paid), an open source music software Ninjam and a music radio Online Jam Sessions. A lot has happened during the last four years, and we’ve created a new possibility to jam online: sofasession.

5 opportunities of making music online

4 Easy Steps to Jam Online with other musicians

How to jam online for free?

The sofasession team has always loved making music with others. So we thought of an appealing and easy solution for online jams, rehearsals, and creative idea recording. It is free, offers you a strong musician community and the chance to make music online. We show you now 4 easy steps how to be ready to play with others online.

1. Sign up

Create a free profile in only 3 seconds. It’s very important to us to have a community feeling on sofasession. The profile shows the country, instruments and musical interests of each user – so you can find inspiring musicians to make music with. You can record your songs and contribute to other projects and join jam sessions.

Who are the sofa people? A community of musicians. People from all over the world who love to make music. You can join weekly jam sessions, create and record music projects together – without even leaving your sofa.

How to jam online for free on sofasession?

2. Download the jamming software

What? Downloading something? – Yes, in order to jam online you’ll need to install the client once: download the client. It works best with the latest version of Chrome. However FirefoxOpera and Internet Explorer should work fine, too.

After you’ve downloaded and run the client, go to Here you can see all recorded songs, upcoming jam sessions and musicians. Hurry to the next step to be ready to jam.

3. Do your audio setup 


audio interfaces for sofasession to jam online

What are ways to connect your instrument sound with the computer?

  1. For jamming online we recommend you to use a USB audio interface (external sound card) with several input jacks like Steinberg UR22 or Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. Plug in your instrument directly to the interface. This will perfectly work with an E-guitar, E-Bass, Keyboards, E-drums or microphone.
  2. Plug in a microphone to jam with acoustic instruments like drums, piano, violin etc.. The sound will be better depending on the microphone quality.
  3. Use your built-in microphone without any interface. It is very similar to step 2. Only the quality will be a bit worse that way. This is the cheapest way to test out online jamming, though.

Find more instructions on how to get started or plug in your instrument here!

How to make a full audio setup to jam online?

4. Join a session to connect with musicians 

  1. Connect with other musicians according to their instrument, style, experience, or location.
  2. Join a weekly jam session. Tuesdays with Yalda. Wednesdays with Chrisbert. And many others in between.
    Jam online in one of the upcoming jam sessions
  3. Invite your band members to rehearse online.
  4. Schedule a live jam session if you want to jam in real-time. Here is a session scheduler. Share the link with friends and other users.
  5. Start a song session if you want to record a song idea, cover or backing track. Every user can see and contribute to your song – the rights remain fully yours.
  6. Start jamming along with a backing track. This song “Early Morning” is the most popular on sofasession. Over 40 people jammed and recorded an instrument track for it. 


Are you ready to jam online? A checklist

sofasession checklist to jam online

For more information check our guide on How to play music together online!

We hope you enjoy being part of the sofa community. As always we are happy about your feedback, suggestions, and opinions about the guide and the platform. Let us know what you think! We are still developing and will take your wishes seriously.

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