Jamsession Ruby Sofie Hotel 20.01.2016 – Find all infos here

Music, People and Rock’n’Roll! After the first sofasession jam session on November 11th 2015, we launch the second jamsession at the Ruby Sofie Hotel in Vienna on January 20th. What are we going to play? How do you get there? What do you have to bring? You will find all information here!

Jam Session at Ruby Sofie Hotel in Vienna

So you missed our last jam session in Vienna? (Check out some photo impressions from last time).

Design Hotel Wien
Jamsession at Ruby Sofie Hotel; www.ruby-hotels.com

You have the possibility to join us again, this Wednesday, 20th of January, same time, same place.

There is no entry fee, it’s a free event for musician – you should bring YOU (very important), your instrument and cables (if applicable).

Not in Vienna? Join online!

In case that you are not in Vienna, you can always join online on www.sofasession.com.
The whole jam session is going to be streamed live for you to participate!
Start your computer, login to sofasession and join the session. It’s free and fun!

Equipment that we have at the jam session

Musicians, bring your instruments and cables! Everything else will be provided by us.

  • Guitars: 2 guitar amplifiers
  • Bass: 1 amp, 1 Direct Input
  • Keyboard: 1 Keyboard
  • Drums: 1 small kit with Cajon with Pedal, Hihat (mini), Snare (mini)
  • Microphones: 3

The whole backline is connected to a PA system for everyone to enjoy!

What are we going to play

We have prepared a small selection of songs that we can play together.

The Beatles – Come together

Amy Winehouse – Valerie

James Brown – I feel good

Kings of Leon – Use somebody

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Bruno Mars – Locked out of Heaven

Any other suggestions?

Post it in the comment section below! We’d ♥ to hear your suggestions!

How to find Ruby Sofie Hotel

You can find the Ruby Sofie Hotel on the map below.

Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar
Marxergasse 17, 1030 Vienna

Live video feeds

Besides our live online session for musicians to participate on sofasession, we are also broadcasting a videofeed from the location. You can tune in and see what we are up to! ♫♪



♪♫ Playing some great music ♪♫


  • http://ekonomikrefugeeinwien.blogspot.com/ adamskij

    hey sofasessions,
    coming with an e-violin and a few pedals, having a stereo out (unbalanced jacks). would it be possible to use a stereo (or 2 mono) channel(s) on this PA? thanks in advance!

    • http://www.sofasession.com/musician/Helmut2 Helmut Herglotz

      Hey… yes, that should be possible, we have a digital mixer with lots of inputs…

      • Dave

        Hi, i plan to support you with my guitar.
        As far as i understood it shouldnt be a problem to use my pedal, to switch between clean and distortion?!
        I familiarized a bit with your songs and jamming shouldnt be a problem. Do you play them in the original key or did you transposed them into another root key?

        See you :-)

        • http://www.sofasession.com/musician/Helmut2 Helmut Herglotz

          Hey Dave!

          Of course you can use your pedal! Please make sure to bring some cables to connect them all together. We have guitar amps where you can connect your guitar to.

          We will play all songs in the original key.

          Cool that you are going to support us! Looking forward to it :-D!



          • Dave

            due to sickness i am unable to attend :-((
            Hopefully next time.

            Have fun

          • http://www.sofasession.com/musician/Helmut2 Helmut Herglotz

            Hey Dave,

            no worries, but we missed you! :)… get well soon and join the next time, it was really a great evening today.