live looping session with Peter Luha @ Musikmesse Frankfurt

Everybody talks about it, but hardly anyone masters it like Peter Luha! Join our live looping session with Peter Luha and learn more about live looping!

Live looping is about creating, juggling with music and generating a unique sound build in the moment you listen to it. But beside that it’s enormously fun!

live looping – what’s that?

Live looping is the creation of music, all in the moment, uninterrupted, no stopping no loss of inspiration –basically you layer sounds on top of one another until you have something that sounds like real music. It’s a great way to develop musical ideas at the spot and improvise. Many artists use live looping to create versions of pre-written songs in front of their listeners.

Try it yourself! It’s really easy to learn and is great fun! All you need is your instrument or voice and some kind of loop station. There are a lot of different pedals from really simple ones to more professional ones like the one Peter Luha is using:

great pedal for live looping - Boss Loop station RC-300

However live looping is not only an awesome thing for musicians it goes hand in hand with a totally new experience for the audience! Instead of getting finished artworks presented, the listeners can follow the whole production and development process. They see in detail how notes and lines are added loop by loop. Live looping gives that feeling to be part of a magical unique creation, composed the moment you are listening to it!



Peter Luha

Who is Peter Luha? This really talented Slovak guitarist has a unique style of playing. Based on a mix of various traditional and non-traditional guitar techniques (slapping, tapping, percussive playing) he developed his special sound. Peter Luha knows no genre restrictions and plays on ​​electric as well as acoustic guitars. Besides being the lead guitarist of the progressive rock band Persona Grata, Peter Luha has several solo projects and regularly gives guitar lessons on his youtube channel. But what does this has to do with live looping you ask? Peter Luha is also winner of the Boss Loop Station World Championship Slovak Finals and for sofasession he will do a live session at our booth (E64, Hall 5.1) at Musikmesse Frankfurt!

live looping session

We from sofasession love live looping, as it has a lot in common with sofasession! It is an awesome experience to listen to music the moment it is made, it is simple to use and associated with low costs so everybody can have access to it and it is entertaining for hobby musicians and beginners as well as more experienced players and professionals. Therefore we invited our friend Peter Luha a real expert in this field to show you his skills and give you some insights to live looping. On Saturday the 18th April he will give a little concert and shows you some of his latest loop compositions and impros, live at our booth at Musikmesse Frankfurt (E64, Hall 5.1) Of course we know that not everybody here can attend the Musikmesse so we will broadcast this event live on

sofasession @ Musikmesse


For those of you who will join the Musikmesse we can only invite you warmly to our sofasession booth! Participate in our sofasession contest. Shut up and playsofasession-at-musikmesse – show us your skills and win awesome prices! Join the sofasession community and enjoy many other cool gigs workshops and lessons! (check out our program) Drop by say hi and chill in our sofa corner. We’ll provide you with cool drinks so you can relax a little during a long day at Musikmesse. You know where you can find us: Booth E64, Hall 5.1!