Make Music Online: 5 Ways How It Will Help You

2-minute-read. Last update: December 6th, 2016.

For someone living in France, playing with a saxophonist from Paris is not extraordinary. But what if you are in Vienna, New York or Berlin? Today, distance is no longer an obstacle to making music together. There are at least five reasons for you to try making music online. Read on. 

Table of contents:

  1. Why making music online?
  2. How to make music online?

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Why making music online?

1. You are place-independent

No need to leave your house or plan a trip around the word to play with others. A band member moves out of town? Now it doesn’t mean the end of the band. Arranging rehearsals is a lot easier since you can play online from time to time

Read here how to schedule your online rehearsal.

What if you’re in search of a rehearsal room? Want to make an audition? Play with this amazing sax player from Paris? Need your friends’ opinion or ideas to your newest song? Everything possible online.

2. Control your sound 100%

From an acoustic point of view, there’s a lot to be said. In a virtual jam session, you can adjust the volume level of each instrument as you want. Each musician can create his/her own mix. You all can decide which instruments you want to hear and at what volume. This is something you won’t have jamming away in the good old garage.
Every guitarist can finally crank up his/her volume! (After all, it’s well-known that the guitar’s volume is always way too low.) Turn off other band members completely to listen only to yourself and the drums. Every bass player has this wish to just hear the rhythm section completely on its own!

3. It’s less loud to make music online

If you are suffering from loud rehearsal rooms, online rehearsals are the thing for you. Adjust the general volume with the click of a button. It’s not necessary to plug your ears with all kinds of creative substances if the drum-set is too loud.

4. Find musicians everywhere

Haven’t you found the right allies for your musical projects yet? Find musicians from all over the world online. And better as in Facebook, Twitter etc. you can really make music online together. From the first contact on, you can jam together. You’ll find out easily who is your level, working on similar things or struggling with the same issues.

And if it doesn’t work out, it’s easy and fast to say good-bye.

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5. Fits every comfort zone and time schedule

Online jamming will never replace live jam sessions. As social creatures, we will always look for deep connection and the human closeness you have while making music together. Using the phone has not replaced meetings and chatting in person. So make music online is a wonderful addition.

In future, more musicians and music lovers will make music online, rehearse, record and jam online together. It’s just too easy to squeeze in into your comfort zones and busy time schedules. Exciting times are awaiting us. Imagine the amount of creativity that can be combined now? Musical possibilities we cannot even imagine and think of.

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How to make music online?

Thanks to the Internet, we can communicate and send information around the world. Making music together online is similar.

At sofasession, we created a tool to jam and create music over the internet. An algorithm transfers the signal to the musicians you are playing with. Mostly you’ll hardly notice the latency within a distance of 1000km.

Make music online with sofasession:

  1. Jamming: Join one of the online jam sessions.
  2. Recording: Start a new song project and record multi-tracks.
  3. Songwriting: Upload your multi-track or song idea to receive creative contributions.
  4. Improvising: Use the 10.000+ tracks to jam, improvise and compose songs.
  5. Connecting: Start a new song project with 10k musicians from all over the world.

Happily, we’re fixing this problem right now! Check how:

Why did I tell you all that? Because I and my friends created a platform where you can make music online: sofasession. We want music making to be easy and for free. Creativity forever, yeah.

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