Jam Session Online via Music Bridge Between Continents

Start an online jam session via Music Bridge. In the cultural music project you can create music with people from all around the globe – like Mozambique. Learn about the background story and how to start.

Jam Session Online via Music Bridge Between Continents


All jam session fans out there will agree: music connects! Music brings together different ages, genders, nationalities, and backgrounds. Melodies, rhythms, and instrument help us connect.


Does music have the power to cross borders?

We say: YES!

That is why we started Music Bridge. It is a project that connects musicians from Africa and Europe. Or US and Africa. Or Africa and Brazil. You got me, right?

In this project, we continue the Remixinhambane project (read below). You can play online with musicians from Mozambique (and actually everywhere else).

Jam session lovers out there: You can now play online with people from the other side of the Earth. Our first African contributions come from Inhambane, Mozambique: Silvino and Bigbaby.

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Source: https://www.facebook.com/remixinhambane/
Source: https://www.facebook.com/remixinhambane/


It all started with Remixinhambane in Mozambique:


The story behind the project says the following. Maximilian Kamenar is a key person here. He is the founder of Masterlizer and head of the project Remixinhambane.

In 2011, Maximilian was on his way to leave Inhambane, a small city in Mozambique. There he successfully finished the construction of a recording studio.

Just hours before Kamenar was going to the airport to fly home, the local singer Paolo Vumo asked Maximilian to produce him. No time was left to record a full song. So Kamenar just recorded the vocals and took them all the way back to Austria.

In earlier days that would be it. But the cooperation over distance didn’t stop. Kamenar and Vumo finished the song recording. The project Remixinhambane came to live, 2 CD’s were produced.

The whole point is making music production between nations possible. The bigger idea is creating a platform where creativity flows back and forth. From Africa to Europe and back. Musicians worldwide can now really connect.

Listen to Maximilian Kamenar telling the story of the project:

Jam Session Online via Music Bridge Between Continents

#1 Find a musician from Inhambane

Artists from Inhambane (or another place) have uploaded their tracks to sofasession. You can now access and play to them. Check out, for example, Silvino or Bigbaby. Play their songs, share, start a jam session, like or click “contribute”:


#2 Create some music together

  • PLAY ALONG. Use the track as a backing track to practice your instrument
  • CONTRIBUTE. Record some new melodies, rhythms or instruments
  • REMIX. Add your own style to the song
  • START A JAM SESSION. Fix a time and play live with Silvino or Bigbaby in real-time

#3 Share your amazing music

We are looking forward to your creations! Share your tracks with the sofasession community and in your social networks.

Use the hashtag #sofasession to be found and featured on our channels.

And don’t forget – music lives without borders.

Here you can see some snippets from Remixinhambane:



Jam Session Online via the project "Music Bridge"


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