Musician riddle – How much is the roadie carrying?

Everybody likes a good riddle, also musicians (we won’t tell a drummer joke here, that wouldn’t be fair). But this one is hard, can you solve the musician riddle?

Get your roadie to carry your stuff… but solve the riddle first!

As a musician, you probably needed to haul your instruments to a gig or a jam… and most of the times, this is not very pleasant (unless you are the singer). This is when a roadie comes handy into play, but even their strengths are limited. Solve this hard riddle to be able to tell your roadie, how much he or she needs to carry from your rehearsal room to the stage and back.

A guitar, a bass and a drumkit

The problem is, you don’t know the individual weight of the instruments, only some combinations. So you need to get the most clever musician in your band to calculate the total weight and to solve this riddle for musicians! It is possible, with a little math! Here is the picture.

musician riddle - how much is the roadie carrying
Can you solve this musician riddle?

So, how strong does your roadie need to be to carry this stuff all at once? Let him know by telling him the total weight of all instruments.

Hint hint: If everybody would have used sofasession for their jam, you wouldn’t have to move your instruments in the first place!