Musikmesse 2016 Frankfurt Review: Three products you should know about

This year’s musikmesse 2016 in Frankfurt was a blast – we came back with a lot of ideas and inspiration. The team not only met amazing musicians and music fans but also had a closer look on fellow exhibitors from the music fair. Here is our top 3 list of newest music technology and services you shouldn’t miss to be creative with your own music.


1. Be creative with Dualo


Are you  always looking for new music instruments and modern technology to include in your creation process? Then you have maybe heard of Dualo, a new (super awesome) musical instrument – a controller, synthesizer and multitrack looper in one. As every other instrument, it can be used by complete newbies as well as professional musicians and all creative minds out there.


Why we love it and you will love it, too?

We love making music and all tools that help you to be creative fast and easy. The creators promise you to master the Dualo super quickly.

This instrument has a quite new arrangement of notes: Whatever sounds good together is also located next to each other and is played quite intuitive. Dualo has a highly intuitive keyboard that basically works with shapes (like on a guitar). This means that a C major chord will have the same shape as a D chord or E chord, making it easy to play chords on the instrument. The good part of it: You can make music by yourself or be creative and jam together with others.

Do you like the idea? Then join the Kickstarter campaign for Dualo du-touch S which started today, April the 12th and learn more on their website.


2. Compose with Soundslates


What is it?

You always missed a tool where you could upload, backup and exchange your projects and files created in Cubase, Ableton or FL Studio? Soundslates is a music production community and ecosystem where users can exchange their files by uploading and downloading them into the platform.

The site is meant for starting and professional composers, people who want to produce music together by exchanging the files online.


Why we love it and you will love it, too?

Working together on the same project created in a professional software can be tough – the files are huge and sending them is challenging. With Soundlates you now can collaborate with fellow musicians by sharing your samples, projects or backing up music projects for later usage.

With the freemium model, you can use Soundslates for free with a storage limit of 2GB. As a pro member, you have access to unlimited usage for 80$ a year.

What is the difference to sofasession?

For working on a new music idea, being creative with others in a live jam session and creating new song tracks, sofasession might be the better solution. As soon as your demo track is ready to be produced professionally, Soundslates will help you out.


3. Play with Henle Library App


You want to get inspired by the classics, are a passionate classics fan or want to create some remix of classical music? Then you’ll love Henle Library.

What is it?

It is an iPad app catalogue of Urtext editions – the sheet music editions by Henle Publishing House which are famous for their high-quality musical sheets.

The app is meant to help classic musicians, professionals and amateurs, students and teachers who are now offered their sheet music on the newest technology – so far on the iPad (Android starting from July 2016 on).

Amazing features you will love:

  • No need to buy the whole sheet, you can just purchase the parts needed
  • Change the layout according to your wishes and mark parts of the sheet
  • Select fingerings my famous artists and change them if needed


Why we love it and you will love it, too?

The aesthetically appealing music sheets inspire us to be creative and play some great music. Making music is even easier by having all sheets you need in just one device with no additional weight when on the road. So what are you waiting for? Check out the app and bring some of the classics to sofasession for an awesome jam session.

Let us know: Which of these three are you more likely to use?

Is there some awesome new technology you totally recommend any musician in 2016 (which you maybe also saw at Musikmesse 2016 in Frankfurt)?


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