Online jam with Lausch [featured artist]

Online jams go on a new level: It’s time to make music with bands you like! Explore your music creativity. Start an online jam with the Austrian rock band Lausch. You don’t even need to leave your sofa for that. Say hello to our featured artist of the month. Learn here

  • Who is the band Lausch
  • Songwriting secrets
  • How to interact with Lausch’s music online.


Remember the times in which you had one-way contact with your favourite band? They talked to you through their records. And you could just listen, buy records, go to concerts.

For a couple of years already we can follow Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars via Instagram. See backstage selfies by The Black Keys on Twitter in real time.

We can start a public discussion with some local bands on Facebook. Know about every single step of our favourite musicians. We follow their lives from songwriting and daily life to tour updates and their inspiration.

Make music with great musicians online

The evolution brings us further. Check out something that was unreal a couple of years ago.

You can now actually PLAY with your favourite band online. Record and add to their songs. Make a remix. Get in touch with the band. Jam online with people who’s music you enjoy. Become part of the band for a moment. Isn’t that freaking awesome?

How to play online with Lausch:

Do you feel like contributing to Lausch songs? Then check out their track Glass Bones on sofasession. The song consists of separate tracks. So you can for example mute instruments to add another bass line, guitar, sing some new vocals etc.

  • Have a free sofasession account (login or signup here)
  • Click “contribute” (the note) on the track above
  • Record your own version with a new instrument
  • Or sing/play to it (so much fun!)

Click here to have an online jam with the band Lausch

Read how to start jamming online in four steps – a quick set-up guide just for you. 


Who are these musicians?

The German-speaking music media wrote amazing reviews about the band from Waldviertel:

  • They produce astonishing amazing tracks
  • They are magicians and compose high-quality rock music
  • They have a great feeling for songwriting
  • Loud guitar riffs meet calm touchy parts and an unexpected song structure
  • Modern and so 90ies at the same time
  • What’s special: meaningful lyrics and an expressive voice of Alexander Lausch

In our last Featured Artist posts, we already introduced you to Stone Breeze and Powernerd. Your band wants to get featured as well? Shoot us a message.


The sound of Lausch:

The trio is active since 2005 and has released four studio albums. Their last release „Glass Bones“ was possible through crowdfunding.

You can stay up to date with their news on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. To listen to their songs go to iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or Bandcamp.


3 online jam, songwriting and music biz advice from Lausch:


We are a community of jamming musicians, right? So we asked the front man Alexander Lausch for online jam, writing songs and being a musician:

#1 How do you jam?

Alex: Ever since I started writing my own songs, I mostly jam to my own riffs. Sometimes I picked to pieces songs by Barkmarket or Shiner. But even then own ideas start popping up quite fast.

#2 How do you write songs?

Alex: I take my ideas to the band and we work on pieces we like. Sometimes it all emerges from spontaneous jams. Then it all goes quite fast until the track is ready.

#3 Any tips for professional music careers?

Alex: You have to let go and leave room for things and ideas to happen. If you are too eager and stubborn, it just leads to frustration.

On the other hand, opportunities are often hidden behind felt and weed. You have to have a good eye to recognize them. And that is often not easy to do. Luckily we have some sharp weapons to dig out the real chances.

A tip for starting musicians? Keep on going! Because nothing comes from nothing. 


Check out the new official video:



Music style:

Rock, post-rock, alternative rock, and indie pop. The musicians don’t reduce their sound to one specific style or genre. Lausch like mixing elements that are not obviously working together (as read here).


Alexander Lausch (Vocals, Guitar), Arnold Zanon (Bass), Matthias Ledwinka (Drums)


  • Glass Bones (2015)
  • Canada is Falling (2012)
  • Friend of the Captain (2009)
  • Nothing But Not (2007)

You can listen and buy the records directly here at Lausch’s website.

Tour Dates:

  • Apr 29 Stud. Majales in Kroměříž, Czech Republic
  • May 13 Rockarize Festival in Weitra, Austria
  • May 27 Donaukanaltreiben in Vienna, Austria
  • Jul 15 Kunstmue Festival in Bad Goisern, Austria
  • Jul 16 Rock im Dorf in Schlierbach, Austria

You can also check their tour dates on Bandsintown.


More bands like Lausch?

The band is part of the quite young Austrian Label Panta R&E. The label specializes in alternative, progressive, psychedelic and stoner rock. Check out their Facebook and Website.

Do you love the sound of Lausch? Chances are quite high you’ll enjoy the other bands of the label, too.

Good news: Other bands by Panta R&E will upload their tracks to sofasession. Nothing can stop you from an online jam session with other amazing bands! Meanwhile, you can…

Click here to have an online jam with the band Lausch

Lots of love from my side and have fun playing music!


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