Online Jazz Jam Session this Thursday – Get all Infos here

After we had so much nice jazz musicians and sessions lately, we thought it’s about time we hosted an online jazz jam session of our own. Here’s information about the hosts, the music we are going to play and how to participate.

Online Jazz Jam Session

We hosted a couple of jam sessions already on sofasession and after we’ve seen a lot of jazz musicians lately, we thought it would be good to host our first online jazz jam session of this kind. Well, at least to prepare a couple of jazz tunes that we will be able to play together (you will find them further down below in this blog post).

How to participate

If you already have a sofasession account and our software running, you’re ready to go. Just log in on Thursday at 6pm.

In case you are new, you should create an account and then follow our short Get started Tutorial in our help section. Of course you can also use a Mac computer.
(Yes, registering and access is free, so go do it now ;-)).

Below you will find some of the tracks that we are going to use in our session.

The hosts

The following two wonderful hosts will guide you through the online jazz jam session this Thursday.

Chrisbert – The neighbour of the beast

Chrisbert Online Jazz Jam Session
Chrisbert Online Jazz Jam Session

Wonderful Chrisbert is responsible for putting “azz” in “Jazz”. Best known for his funky bass interpretation of “Another one bites the dust” and his guitar transcription of “Here comes the sun”, Chrisbert knows how to pump some mellow lines out of his bass.

He created some of the best contributions here on sofasession, a mixture between own compositions and some very neat cover songs.

LowB – Jazz Bass at its finest

LowB Online Jazz Jam Session
LowB Online Jazz Jam Session

LowB is a classical Jazz bass player par excellence. He studied Jazz bass in Vienna, Austria and is an extremely versatile player when it comes to live sessions. Everyone who was able to join one of our Jam session at the Ruby Hotel in Vienna knows what I’m talking about.

Getting a contribution of LowB is one of the finest thing you can probably get. He always plays some of the nicest bass hooks on your songs. Be sure to follow him on sofasession.

The songs

The following songs will be covered in the online jazz jam session. Other styles and songs are also welcome and will be hosted depending on the wishes of the musicians of sofasession. If you have any suggestions, you can post them in the comment section below or just write the hosts online.

The days of wine and roses

This song was written by Henry Mancini in 1962. The song is in the key of F. Check out the detailed analysis in the picture. The form of the song is AB1AB2
Check out some recordings from Oscar Peterson or Dexter Gordon.

There will never be another you

This song was written by Harry Warren in 1942. The song is in the key of Eb and is a medium swing song. The form of the song is AB1AB2.
Check out the analysis and a few recordings for example Chet Baker or Stan Getz.

All of me

Written by Gerald Marks in 1931 this standard is well known and nice to jam to. The form is ABAC.
Listen to the great version of Count Basie and his orchestra or Frank Sinatra.

Online jam sessions

Don’t forget, we’re hosting online jazz jam sessions on a regular basis here on sofasession. Even if you are not available this Thursday, you can always check our jam schedule calender once you login. And in case you are not into jazz: Genres are always changing.

And the most important thing:

What happens on sofasession, stays on sofasession

Have fun!
Never made music online before? According to this Article you should definitely try it out!