Planet Festival Tour 2016 finals with VITRUV & THE FAIR

Great news! Two bands from sofasession made it to the finals of Plant Festival Tour 2016 in Vienna. We’ve put together all you need to know about VITRUV and THE FAIR. If you are in Vienna you can see the both bands live. And if not – listen to the music, play with them online. And let us know if your band is on sofasession and wants to be featured as well.

What is Planet Festival Tour 2016?

Planet Festival Tour 2016 is a band competition of a new kind. 200 bands from Austria compete in several live gigs to win 12.000 EUR. The winner also gets some gig and festival slots worth 100.000 EUR. All bands play 100% live. And the audience gets some festival feelings with local bands. So it’s a great opportunity for everybody: bands, fans, event managers, everybody loves it. Do you have an event like this in your country?


VITRUV at Planet Festival Tour 2016

The band VITRUV is going to play on the May, 21st. Find the Facebook Event here.

VITRUV at Planet Festival Tour 2016


Sound of Vitruv


If you are looking for new music and play yourself, you’ll love the sound of VITRUV. Just as the guys say themselves, the sound is not easy to put into one genre. You will find pop, rock, blues, jazz and singer-songwriter elements in their songs. Highly inspiring sounds and nice musicians from Austria you need to know, no matter in which part of the world you live. Find VITRUV’s sofasession profile here. The guys also have a band portrait on YouTube – a very cool idea to get to know the band. Read below to find the info in English.

Why VITRUV? Vitruvius Pollio was a roman architect who said music is the foundation stone of all arts. What a nice quote. This philosophy is part of many songs – perfection of life through music.

How did you find each other? Somewhat around 2007 – 2008 the band members used to play in different other bands and groups. One day decided to start making music together in an own project. Luckily they did, as their fans say.

How do you write songs? VITRUV get inspiration from daily life. So writing songs feels more like a free psychotherapist.

Describe your genre: Difficult to put in one sentence. It is a bit of everything, pop, rock, blues, singer-songwriter. Each of the musicians adds a bit of themselves to the songs.

What is your secret wish? To be just a musician. Having some fans who enjoy listening to their music. Making music together is like having a good time with friends, in a stimulating activity. Music drives us – something all of you surely relate to.

Their newest album UNU can be found here. For more info check their website or follow on Facebook and Twitter. Watch them live on YouTube and Vimeo. Find the songs on Soundcloud, MySpace. If you’re an advanced social media user, check also Google Plus and Backstage.


The Fair at Planet Festival Tour 2016

The band THE FAIR is going to play on the May, 20th. Find the Facebook Event here.

The Fair at Planet Festival Tour 2016

The sound of The Fair

The Fair is a rock band and it’s members come from Austria and the UK. The music combines progressive, soul, punk and indie elements in one. You will find not only a great sound. The musicians find meaningful lyrics as well –  The songs focus on daily issues and confront the listeners with important topics. So if you are looking for a great combination of rock, pop and the spirit of our time – check out The Fair. Here is their profile on sofasession.[11:53]

Check their Facebook page to stay in touch with the band and music.


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