Powernerd – Featured Artist (ROBOTS!)

Sometimes we stumble across real music gems. Powernerd is definitely one of them. Mixing 80ies style Dancesounds with groovy basslines and some kickass solos is just the SHIT we (and probably YOU) want to hear! They just released their new EP “VENDIGO”, it’s massively dope and you get all infos about those crazy robots here. You can even contribute to their songs on sofasession, ffs, but don’t tell anyone.. it’s a secret.

Sorry for the swearing, but…

…sometimes we just get carried away. Why? Because there are those three humans (?) or robots (!) behind Powernerd that released some really fine music lately.

Remember the 80ies? Yes, you do… everybody does, how could you forget it. The cool synthie sounds, people with the weirdest hairstyles dancing to music made by little synthies.

Depeche Mode were big, but the real thing was going on in some underground “clubs”, probably in Berlin or your mom’s basement, with your dad rocking out to the crazy tunes you were pumping out of your Bontempi organ.

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

Actually, it was about time that somebody transferred this sound into the 21st century. And this is were Powernerd come into play. Mixing 80ies synthie sound with grooving bass lines and some VERY danceable beats. Something in between Daft Punk, Bunker Records and John Carpenter Soundtracks. Honestly, it’s THE SHIT! And it seems to be blowing up right now.

How do we know that? They’re getting a lot of rotation on the radio station FM4 and they have collected of 4,000 views on their first video already, with a clean 100% “thumbs up” statistic on it.

Powernerd’s Line-up

According to the mysterious band, the line-up is as follows:

one android with Yngwie Malmsteen programming,
a synth-techno priest and
a drum robot.

That pretty much sums up the sound of Powernerd.

Powernerd Group Shot
The Robot Supergroup Powernerd and their new EP “Vendigo”

If you were born in the 80ies, you probably remember “Running Man”: The phantastic outfits, the futuristic cars, the incredible one-liners from Arnie.

“Killian, here’s your Subzero, now plain zero.”

Those movies featured phantastic sound tracks. These eerie synthies, sound wave after sound wave hitting you while Arnold Schwarzenegger was punching up the mean guys on the screen to the beat of the drums.

Powernerd come from this kind of “dystopian future” of the 80ies. And not only that.. they travelled back in time to subordinate mankind. Or to control us with their Midi Bass controllers. Wtf, that doesn’t even make sense, haha. But it sounds really good.

The Sound of Powernerd

Even if we do not understand everything their are telling us, we very much understand the music they have gifted to mankind. The first release was actually “BMX”, a song dedicated to your bike.

“Everything’s alright on my BMX”…

Personally, I can relate to that – it feels right. Turning up the volume while cruising the night… on your BMX or any other vehicle of your choice. That’s how we all roll.

This is their PHANTASTIC first video

Ride it like you stole it, my friends.

Two more for the road

We are super proud that Powernerd is one of the artists on sofasession, all their information can be found on their Artist Page. We are hosting also two of their great songs, which are there for listening or even contributing… just in case you are also a robot. We never know.

Tour Dates

Not easy to understand when you can see them live. However, we were able to find one (ONE!) date… that’s precious and in case you should be in Vienna, just go there.. Go get and ticket ASAP!

31st of March 2016, Fairlight Festival

Latest release “Vendigo”

Their second EP is called “Vendigo” and the video was just released on YouTube. Dirty gnarling sounds, artistic guitar shredding and a beat that your mother would strongly disapprove of make up this wonderful piece of music.

Powernerd on the web

Powernerd Facebook Page
Powernerd Soundcloud Page


Awesome artists, awesome music and we’re happy to have them on sofasession!

SHOW.THEM.SOME-LOVE and buy their music on their

Powernerd Bandcamp page!

And be sure to not miss their one and only show end of March in Vienna. We definitely won’t.

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