Schedule online rehearsal or jam [ new feature ]

Dear community and sofasession users! New feature alarm on sofasession!

You can now schedule jam sessions and rehearsals. Share them online and invite users to join. The scheduled session will be shown in the session calendar in the backstage section. Learn HOW to schedule in 4 easy steps.

Schedule online rehearsal or jam session

So how does it work? (check the gifs)


#1 Start a jam session


Go to the “backstage” area of the platform. Click “Start a Jam Session”, then “Schedule” and “Start now”.


#2 Name, date, and time


You can choose a cool name. Set a date. The green symbol is a calendar – choose a date. And then set a time. Add some details if you want. Click “Done”.


#3 Share the session online


Use the “Share” link to share the session in your networks. Or click on the symbols to do the same. You can still edit before sharing.


#4 Invite users

4_Invite users

So far only registered users can be invited. Do you want to invite bandmates which are not registered? Simply invite them to join sofasession with one click. Explain what it is and share this page with them.


Cancel if needed (but think twice)


If you want to cancel your online rehearsal or session, click “cancel this session”. Then “yes, cancel it”. Think twice because it cannot be returned!


Where to find the session?

Find the scheduled online rehearsal or jam

The session you scheduled will appear in the backstage area. In the section “Jam” you will see your sessions and those of others.

And that’s already it! Schedule your first online rehearsal or jam, go, go!


Why scheduling is awesome:


  • spend less time with planning
  • be the boss, create your own session
  • other users see the session and join
  • get to know a new musician in an online rehearsal (a date?)
  • invite musicians from sofasession directly
  • have an online rehearsal with your band
  • share your session wherever you want
  • bring some music routine in your life


Are you new to sofasession? No problem. Sign up to join your first online jam session. Record song ideas, invite your band members. Practice your instrument with others FOR FREE!