Sell Music Online: TuneCore explained [+promo code]

“We want independent artists to be heard by as many people as possible”, says Stine Mühle, the Brand Manager Germany.

We agree so much on that! You spend so many hours rehearsing, writing songs and recording your albums. But then what? How can you reach people with your music? We really want you guys to be successful with your music.

So we’re really excited to present you our partner TuneCore. The guys will support you with selling your music in 150+ digital platforms. You’ll keep 100% or revenue and rights. And the best part of it:

sofasession ist offering you a 20% discount for your first TuneCore* Order (code below).

Do you like the idea of selling music online? Here is everything you need to know:


How can I sell music online with TuneCore?

  • TuneCore gives you the tools to be heard by many people. In only a few steps the music is shared with over 150 digital platforms. These include iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.
  • Keep 100% of your income and 100% or your rights – and TuneCore is supporting you with all the legal questions
  • There are also some additional services. You can reach a bigger audience with YouTube monetarization or a music publisher.
  • You have access to a reporting system. There you can see how well each platform performed and how much you earned.

What do artists say?

With TuneCore we have the possibility to promote our music online – on our own, without any detours. We not only have more money in our disposal, we also have an overview where the music is sold and can do better online marketing.

Karlson, TuneCore Artist since 2016

Original quote in German: “Durch TuneCore haben wir die Möglichkeit, unsere Musik eigenständig und ohne Umwege selbst zu vermarkten. So bleibt am Ende mehr für uns übrig und wir haben Übersicht darüber, wann und wo unsere Musik gekauft wird, so dass wir sehr viel gezielter Online-Marketing betreiben können“.

Sell music online and get a bigger audience
Everybody should hear your music. Let them find you everywhere. Photo by Jorge Guerrero.

So we don’t need music labels anymore?

Well, labels are still very important in the music business. As an independent artist, you should make the first steps in the music industry on your own. Like this, you’re in control of the direction you’re going.

On topic:

How to market your music if you’re an independent artist?

5 music marketing tools should you use.

Who is it for?

You should check out TuneCore if you’re making your own music and want to sell it to people. It’s a good solution if you would like to offer your songs on several platforms at the same time. “We’re working with newcomer artists but also with more experienced musicians”, says Stine.

What’s the financial side?

  • For 9.99€ you get the chance to sell your single with more than 150 digital partners.
  • There is no additional fee on the income. It means, you can keep all the money you get from the sales.
  • Upload your song and TuneCore takes care of everything else.

Do I have to use additional marketing to boost theTuneCore sales?

TuneCore supports you with the newest tips and tricks for marketing and promotion. They also offer some supporting tools to help you with your first steps in public relations. But it also means you have to work on promoting your own music independently – which is, in the end, better as you’re in control of what’s done.

Is the service available worldwide?

TuneCore is a worldwide service from the USA. There are separate pages for UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and soon also Spain. It means these pages work in the native language with the national currency of the countries. Each artist can use the page he wants even if he or she is not from this country – so each of you can use the USA page or Germany page etc. 

Your promo code to sell music online

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Sell music online & be heard by as many people as possible
Put your music out there. Photo by Victor Frankowski showing the artist Chassol.

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