sofasession contest winner

Congratulations to our sofasession contest winner!

For stiring up Musikmesse 2015 and adding a little competition we asked you to contribute some tracks to our recently added songs feature. You all did a great job, writing THE song of the fair unfortunately there can be only one winner taking home the tickets for Rock in Vienna…

sofasession contest

For those who missed it: At our booth on Musikmesse we started a little contest. Therefore we set up bass, guitar, drums and keys ready to play and waited for some  jam actions. Some confident pioneers came first to try the new sofasession songs feature. However sooner or later even the shyer ones were convinced by the amazing price waiting for the winner: 2 Tickets to Rock in Vienna. This festival in Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria is taking place the first time this june. Nevertheless the line can compete with other major festiuvals: Metallica, Muse, The Hives, Kiss and many more! We really had a lot of fun to see you guys jamming and enjoying our new features. It was a great opportunity to get direct feedback and we got a lot of great feedback. At the same time we could listen to some terrific performances from you!

Rock in Vienna lineup
Rock in Vienna lineup

LNDU – sofasession contest winner

We have a winner! Seeing all your performances you definitely all deserved the two ticket for Rock in Vienna but unfortunately there can only be one winner. This time LNDU is the lucky winner!

LNDU - sofasession contest winner
LNDU – sofasession contest winner

LNDU aka. Kid Funk is one of sofasessions youngest members, he is only 17 old, yet LNDU started producing music at the age of 12! At the beginning of his young career LNDU was mainly experimenting with electronic music, mostly in the genre of “Chillout”. Recently however the multi-instrumentalist from Germany started experimenting with other genres and now moved his focus to “Funk” and “NuDisco”.

KidFunk - LNDU's newest project
KidFunk – LNDU’s newest project

Under his new name KidFunk he is producing songs with a lot of Melody, Groove and Catchiness! We really wish him a lot of luck, power and endurance for his musical career and a lot of fun on Rock in Vienna 2015!!!

Congratulations to LNDU! You can check out his contributions here: