sofasession goes Cannes – MIDEM 2015, 5th-8th of June

Awesome the sun is coming out, it’s slowly getting warm and sofasession is going to Cannes! Unfortunately not for enjoying the good weather and the beach at Côte d’Azur :/

At MIDEM we’re showing how you can use sofasession to meet other musicians, jam online in real time and collaborate on musical ideas! 

Riviera Open Zone J, Palais des Festivals

sofasession – a brand new service for musicians

the web application which enables musicians to jam with others online and in real time, has launched the newest version!

Therefore we are using the opportunity to present our brand new features at MIDEM 2015 in Cannes, France from the 5th – 8th of June.

Many awesome features have been implemented to make sofasession even more attractive, like a fast and easy way to search for other musicians, a possibility to collaborate with other musicias online and a lot of info around music and making music.


Find musician.           Be creative.           Make music.           All online.


sofasession musician profiles

Sign up for free on and create a profile to present yourself and your projects to other musicians and the sofasession community. Show which instruments you are playing and which genres you like most! Of course you can also showcase your band and link your profile to your band website to expand your fan base. If you are currently not having a band or are searching for musical adventures, use our search function. It will help you to easily find people to jam with. Meet new friends with the same taste in music, listen to their newest songs or check out their videos and get inspired. When you found someone you like and you feel the vibe meet up online and start jamming! Just plug your instrument to your PC or Mac and start a live session and you can jam with other musicians live and in real time!

But sofasession does even more for you! sofasession songs helps you out if you can’t find the right people with a similar style or your friends don’t have time when you want to play! sofasession songs enables you to choose from a broad variety of tracks to jam along. Try a new drum beat, practice the perfect solo or just jam for fun! When you like your idea why don’t you record it? sofasession makes it easy for you to store your musical thoughts!

sofasession software1
sofasession songs – jam along and record your own ideas!











about MIDEM

MIDEM is the acronym for Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale, which is organised annually in and around the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France. The organizers say it is the leading international business event for the music ecosystem and indeed it is very well known in the industry! MIDEM has been around since 1967. Each year thousands of musicians, producers, agents, managers, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs and journalists from around the globe are attending the event.

While delegates from recording, artist management, and publishers use the fair to maintain and expand their network, new artists showcase their material. Live music is on show in the evenings and contributes to the nice atmosphere. MIDEM 2015 will take place from Friday, 5th June, to Monday, 8th June. There are really a lot of reasons to visit the MIDEM from boosting your network & signing deals, over getting new inspiration from music & tech pros, brands, agencies and artists, to simply enjoying non-stop music & getting a tan!

sofasession @ MIDEM

What is sofasession doing on the MIDEM? Didn’t you see the picture above?!?! No just kidding! We’re gonna have a booth in Riviera Open Zone J, where we will show you how you can use the the new features! Drop by and let us explain to you why sofasession is the future for entertaining musical online interaction. At our booth you will not get another boring product presentation, but you can try it yourself!

Here is where you can find us!
Here is where you can find us!

Sign up for free and check out our search function to find musicians. Get a little creativity booster while browsing through our songs library. Try out the songs feature and make music live at our booth. sofasession the new online application makes it easy for you to get creative with other musicians.





other cool companies @ MIDEM

Of course sofasession is not the only cool company at MIDEM! We’re happy that there’s a lot going on in the industry! For those of you who are interested here are two of our favorites, but we are sure there will be many other innovative co-exhibitors!

Converse Rubber Tracks

In February 2015, Converse officially launched the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library, a groundbreaking resource available to millions of musicians around the world to utilize samples to create new music, free of charge.

Hello play!

Hello play! is a digital platform that enables its users to support music projects through their everyday music listening. The more you listen, share, and like music via your usual streaming services (Spotify, SoundCloud…), the more you collect points (Hello Coins) which you can re-distribute to up and coming musical talents


see you at MIDEM!