sofasession Musikmesse flashback

It’s only 4 weeks ago but it feels like ages! Here are some awesome pictures and impressions from Musikmesse 2015 in Frankfurt we want to share with you!

sofasession @ Musikmesse

Musikmesse 2015 was really a great time for us! Although we had a lot of things to do 😉

Starting with building up our own booth from scratch,

Musikmesse Flashback: empty booth at Musikmesse
our empty booth at Musikmesse


we added a little color

Musikmesse Flashback: First step – We need some color!
First step: We need some color!


and of course some instruments to have an awesome jam corner!

Musikmesse Flashback: Not so bad! ;) - only some final adaptions needed
Not so bad! – only some final adaptions needed


Well it didn’t took long and we had to do our first interview. Non Eric from dropped by and had a little chat with our 2 founders Helmut and Marian! First he was a bit skeptical whether sofasession and live online jamming can be working. To be fair Eric has quite some experience in this topic and knows that it’s not easy to accomplish a realtime online jam. So after a little presentation by Helmut and Marian he wanted to try it himself and was convinced by the playablilty in terms of quality and latency. Obviously he was still a bit reserved having tried himself to establish an online live jamming platform, yet sofasession managed to get into the Musotalk top 10 list from Musikmesse 2015, which we are really proud of! So Eric we’re looking forward to jam with you in Berlin live from Vienna!!!

Musikmesse Flashback: Wow, the first interview came soon!
Wow! The first interview came soon!

sofasession contest – Musikmesse flashback

Musikmesse Flashback: sofasession contest 3
The press wasn’t the only visitor at our booth! Bass, guitar, drums and keys were set up and waiting for some jam actions. Some confident pioneers came first to try the new sofasession songs feature. However sooner or later even the shyer ones were convinced by the amazing line up from Rock in Vienna (Metallica, Muse, The Hives, Kiss, etc.) We really had a lot of fun to see you guys jamming and enjoying our new features. It was a great opportunity to get direct feedback and we got a lot of great feedback. At the same time we could listen to some terrific performances from you!

Once again congratulations to our winner L N D U!

Musikmesse Flashback: sofasession contest 2

Musikmesse Flashback: sofasession contest 1