sofasession – a network for musician friends

sofasession allows you to find musician friends online and create online jam sessions. Let us talk a little bit about it, because it’s made from musicians (us) to musicians (you). You can immediately get in touch with musicians from all over the world, or just find other musicians from your area.

So, what is so special?

Musician friends for musicians friends

Everybody in sofasession has a musical background and we know the problems that everybody making music faces.

You probably have them, too. It’s difficult to find other musicians or musician friends. It’s complicated to schedule rehearsals and jams. Because it’s difficult to find a room that is available when YOU and your friends have time.

Sometimes, the right person for that awesome open guitar position in your bands just lives 200 kms away. Bummer.

We understand that! We’ve been making music with other people for a long time.

This is how we started when we were roughly 18 years old:

musician friends when we were young

The picture was taken in the basement of our parents’ house. This was when everybody in the band has loads of time and we just hung out as friends all day long.

(And… it’s been a while since we’ve been 18).

As we got older, we had less time and it became more difficult to find new musicians and new musician friends and organizing a rehearsal.

O. M. G.

So we decided to do something about that.

It’s all about the music

Well… at least that’s what it should be. So we thought let’s use the internet what it is there for: Connecting people! In our case: Connecting musicians and make them find friends over the internet.

And that’s not enough… let those musician friends also make music over the internet in realtime. Connect your instrument, find a musician and VOILA… as the French say.

For some time we’ve been working on a solution for that (technically speaking, it’s a little tricky)… but we pulled something nice together.. for you! And even better, it’s free.

Ahh… oh yeah, and we called it

sofasession for musician friends

You know… sofa… session from your sofa. You get the idea.

Bridging distance – bringing musician and music together

It’s our vision to bring musicians together – musically and personally speaking. We want to create a service that helps you in creating music the way it was meant to be created.

live musician friends

Live. With your musician friends.

So it’s really important to know what you and your musician friends think about sofasession.Because we’re doing this for you and we want to create an AWSM music application for you. Whenever you’re not satisfied – tell us! When you like what we are doing, tell your friends.

It’s new and free

Ok, here’s the deal: You can register easily for the service. And by easily I mean: It will literally take you 30 seconds.


We measured it… it’s actually only 26 seconds (depending on your internet connection).

If you need to know more, visit this which gives an even better overview on what we do.