sofasession software update – v1.88.13

We have updated our free sofasession software to Version 1.88.13. Here are some reasons why you should download the new version.


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sofasession software v. 1.88.13

Yippie! We just released version 1.88.13 of the sofasession software. So, what is new?

[1.88.10] – Fixed a bug that would loop the initialisation process on some devices.

[1.88.11] – Fixed a bug that would make the software crash when 48 kHz sampling rate was not available.

[1.88.11] – Improved resampling algorithms

[1.88.12] – Support of all sampling rates on soundcards, in case that preferred 48 kHz is not available.

[1.88.12] – Fixed a bug that would not allow buffer size settings in some cases

[1.88.13] – Failure in buffer size setting will now be prompted to users.

You can immediately download the new version of the sofasession software on our Download Page.

Website updates

Shareable online jam sessions

From now on, each session has its unique ID. Like this you can simply share the session by copying the URL of the session and send it via e-mail.

Switch between public and private sessions

You can now change a sessions status from public to private (and vice verse) by hitting the “Switch” button.

Switch session type
Switch session type


Not sure if your sound is setup correctly? Hit the “Soundcheck” button to get some instant help and advice on how to setup things properly!

sofasession soundcheck
Click “Soundcheck” to see if your audio is setup correctly!

On another note

We would like to thank all of you who are constantly giving us feedback on how to improve our service! A special “Thanks a lot” goes out to all bughunters out there that help us in improving the sofasession software on a daily basis! It would be impossible to improve the service without you.

With love from Vienna,

The sofasession team