Songwriting contest: Write a kickass soundtrack – win cool prizes and CASH!

So we shot two videos for sofasession and we are looking for a cool soundtrack. And we thought: Whatever we could find, it would never be as cool as some of the stuff you guys are doing here. This is why we created a songwriting contest: Write a soundtrack to our video and win some great prizes. We need your help!

sofasession – your musician community

In case, you haven’t heard what sofasession is: We’re a community for musicians where you can record and even play life with other musicians over the internet without the need to leave your sofa. (Hence the name). It’s free, in case you wondered.

We just produced two promotional videos for sofasession and we would love to see the creativity of our community contribute to these videos because we love the stuff that is coming out from you guys.

How the songwriting contest works

Ok, it’s pretty straight forward: We need a soundtrack to our videos, so we started this songwriting contest. You will find the videos a little further down below.

First, be sure to be on a desktop computer (recording will work on Windows and Mac machines). You can still listen to everything from your mobile, but you can’t contribute (… yet, we’re working on that). Click on the musical note, it will say “contribute”. You will be redirected to the song page on sofasession.

Be sure that you are logged in. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one for free (takes 10 seconds). Click on the “Jam” button, which will transfer you to the recording page*.

In the session, you can immediately contribute to the song, which means: Record whatever you deem appropriate! Give us your drums, your guitar, your vocals, your saxophone.

(*If you haven’t yet recorded on sofasession, you can check out our little Recording Tutorial. Make sure that you have our jam software installed).

The selection process

The sooner you enter, the better you’re off. We are going to evaluate the likes that every contribution gets in the songwriting contest. The more likes, the higher your chances to win. We will also be searching for the latest contributions and like what we like (kind of makes sense).

As with everything on sofasession, the tracks will remain open for contribution. BUT we will select a winning track for each video and announce the winning song on

April 18th 2016, 1pm CET (and a couple of additional seconds)

If you find a great contribution of another musician on sofasession, give them “Kudos” and like their contribution.

The songwriting contest – The Prices

So what’s in it for you? Every songwriting contest needs some prices, right? Here we go:

We will raffle 10 entry tickets for the Frankfurt Music Fair in April under all contestants.

You can also get a slot for a performance at the Frankfurt Music Fair if you want to play in front of a real musician crowd.

We will award you a Premium membership for sofasession for your lifetime. You will be one of the very first ones to known what we are planning to introduce later this spring!

Of course, you will get a mention everywhere we present the video, with links to your sofasession profile and any other musician profiles you might have on the web (just let us know).

AND: Both songs will get 200€ awarded for the soundtrack that we are going to choose. In case it is a collaboration, we will split the money evenly between the participants of the respective version that won.

Sounds good? Great… now make our video sound good, too!

The Videos

So, here are the videos with the missing soundtrack.

sofasession – I got music Part I

Help us get a soundtrack going

Here is the link to the project on sofasession for video I.

sofasession – I got music Part II

Soundtrack needed, too

The respective link to the project on sofasession.

Video – The making of

In late 2015, we decided to shoot a promotion video for sofasession. As we are very passionate about music in general, we wanted to have a video that shows that passion: Something organic, music centered and that includes all the emotions that you have with making music.
We worked together with the Vienna-based movie agency Illuminati Films that made a great shot in shooting and producing the video.
The video was shot in Vienna and Jamaica during December 2015, and January and February 2016. Most of the actors were actual musicians in Vienna and one shot even includes Helmut, one of the sofasession founders. Can you guess, who he is?

The lyrics to the videos

Part I

Harmony, melody, symphony,
Music speaks one language,
Soul, flow, beat,
Music hits you,
Makes you dance,
Makes you strong,
Fast, happy, freaky,
Crazy, sexy, balanced,
It heals your soul,
And takes you back in time to unique moments,
The soundtrack of your life,
Turn it up,
Plug it in,
Connect around the world,
Inspire and get inspired,
Music has no boundaries,
sofasession – I got music

Part II

Turn it up,
Plug it in,
Express yourself.
Are you a rockstar in pyjamas?
Or a barefoot ballad queen?
Inspire and get inspired.
Get wowed by others.
Play together.
Share the moment.
Make music with the world.
Music has no boundaries.
sofasession – I got music.

The winning soundtrack

UPDATE: We just announced the winner of our songwriting competition.