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After 20 years on the road with the band Hanagorik, Tuca Araújo, Tontonho Gomes and Jones Sena decided to explore new musical horizons and new paths. So they invited two friends, Wagner Melo and Eduardo Souza to start a new band. Stone Breeze is what those guys came up with.

Let there be Airships and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Do you know Pernambuco? It is a state in Brazil and the capital city is Recife.
Between 1931 and 1937 an airship called LZ127 “Graf Zeppelin” had a regular route from Friedrichshafen (Germany) to Recife. It was the first mass traffic through the air.

So you wanna know what this has to do with Stone Breeze? Maybe not much! But somehow this band reminds me of that old airship.

Firstly, Stone Breeze are from Pernambuco: from Surubim, a smaller City close to Recife.
Secondly, the dudes reguarly crossed the Atlantic to Germany and Europe for touring.

So I am really happy to call these incredibly nice and talented guys my friends. And it’s actually really great to have the chance to stay in contact via sofasession.

It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)

… seems to be true!

In the  90ies heavy and ruff music became mainstream. So during this time, the 3 members of Stone Breeze started to form a Band called Hanagorik, with their obvious role models being Sepultura (national icons of metal in Brazil) and Pantera. But from the beginning, they had a distinctly psychedelic sound.

Check out some old school metal videos of Hanagorik. It is almost a history lesson:

Can’t stop – addicted to the shindig

Capa CD - Stone Breeze - out
Tuca, the man on the guitar, explains the name “Stone Breeze” came to their minds because the songs sometimes sound heavy as a stone and sometimes light like a breeze.

And indeed, the variety is really exiting. The mix of styles reminds me of the later Beatles albums like Sgt. Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

But despite their skipping through musical rock Genres (don´t be scared, there is no Eurodance or Rave) the whole thing is never cheap or unauthentic. It’s rock – and only rock: from Metal over Classic Rock to Britpop. It’s easy to feel that the individual band members really love all Kinds of music. Or maybe they just like good music.


The Sound of Stone Breeze

The first sample of the self-titled abum “Stone Breeze” you could find in the web was
“You Don´t Know How to Treat Me Right”. I really love this song. If your heart is broken, my advice is: just listen to this song a few times and you’ll immediately feel better. Guaranteed. And while you have a good earful, maybe you can tell me whether the style of the song reminds you of Lynyrd Skynyrd too?

One of my favourite titles on the album is “I’ve Got My Pride”. It is an example for what Wagner Melo on keys added musically. Isn´t it groovy?

And now we go old School! it is time to run:

Time to Run

We are really happy that Stone Breeze is one of the artists on sofasession; all their information can be found on their Artist Page. We are also hosting three of their great songs, which are there for listening or even contributing.
Both songs are provided with separate tracks, so you can add some instruments, play another bass line, give them another set of vocals – or whatever you feel like doing.

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