Stone Temple Pilots contributions – a great selection

In our recent blogpost we had announced that Stone Temple Pilots are looking for a new lead singer. We took a look on the contributions we got so far and we found some pretty nice gems among them! Here we go with our favourite Stone Temple Pilots contributions.

Stone Temple Pilots singer audition

Hey Fellaz, in case you missed it: There was a lead singer audition going on for the great rock band Stone Temple Pilots. We wrote about it and provided some backing tracks to see what you fellaz can come up with.

Stone Temple Pilots contributions
Stone Temple Pilots contributions, photo by Jeckhuzi5000

Here is the link to the our backing tracks for “Plush”. We got some great response from the sofasession community! Musicians from all over the world have contributed and created some great versions of that song. (We were truly astonished!) Here are some handpicked versions of musicians that contributed to Plush, probably one of the best known songs of the Stone Temple Pilots.

Great Stone Temple Pilots contributions so far

Listen to great singers, guitar players and bassists rockin to the Stone Temple Pilots song. The contributions so far are:

Spot on rock vocals

We found this little gem from the Brazilian band Stone Breeze. The singing on this track is spot on and sounds great. We found it interesting that Stone Breeze chose to play it slightly slower than the backing tracks we have provided, which gives the song a good laid-back feeling and give the singing more effectiveness.

Great vocals

Skipmaster provided this great vocal contribution. In comparison to other contributions we had, this once focuses on clearer vocals and gives the song a slightly smoother edge. Definitely a highlight!

When jazz meets 90ies rock

What do we have here? A jazz bassist playing some pretty groovy stuff and an incredible voice. Great collaboration by LowB and Benny King.

Benny King with a real rock bass

So, how does it sound when we exchange the jazzy bass with a real rock bass? The result is much nearer to the original recording. A very good version!

Let’s add some rock guitar to that!

Another great interpretation on the guitar by Big Mike, formerly know as agentmk. Vocals provided by Benny King. Compared to the other versions, this one has particular tight guitar playing, notes are played spot on and not too much overload on standing guitar chords. An interesting alternative.

Audition stopped

So.. the audition was stopped on March 8th, but if you feel like contributing, you can still do on sofasession! Just click on one of the contribute buttons above and start rocking out. Or why not make your own mix? Maybe you find a nice marimba track that suits the song! (Marimbas… they are the best!)

The musician profiles of the people involved

If you want to hook up with the musicians above, just visit their profiles and hook up with them. All of them are great guys!

Never forget…

…Love is all you need, your sofasession Team