summer song contest 2015 – by sofasession

It’s summer, it’s hot and everyone is out to have a cool drink and relax next to a pool. But wait! what’s a summer without a good summer song…?

What’s this about?

As we know there are some amazing musicians out there waiting to be discovered and some of you might look for a nice challenge during these days, we thought this year we’ll write the summer song together with you guys.

To give you a little guidance we created 3 basic song structures. You can use these as a base and add tracks to further develop the songs. The goal is to create 3 amazing songs co-written by several artists from 12 countries around the world. These three songs will compete against each other, the song with the most likes and comments will be recorded in a professional music studio in Vienna and you can be part of this!

But wait that’s all? NOOOOO of curse we also have a nice cash prize waiting for you. 500€ are in the pot so you better sit down and start writing tracks



Don’t worry you’re not going to be thrown in at the deep end! Each of the basic songs was written by one of our Tutors, who will be happy to give you guidance and some suggestions to your Tracks. Just drop them a message or invite them to a jam session while they’re online! Here’s a bit more on them:




As a professional songwriter, Simon knows how to write a catchy tune. He has written epic orchestral works for several bands like Hindoslem.



Michael is the most experienced of the tutors. His music covers a wide range, from experimental jazz to heavy rock music.




Paddy is a live musician par excellence and a music machine. He plays in a couple of bands and knows how to rock a crowd.


The Songs

There are 3 songs you can choose from. You can prelisten them on sofasession to find the one which best suits your style. While the one from Michael is more relaxing and based on “feel good chords”, Paddy’s has a hip hop touch and nice guitar licks in it and Simon’s is going the grungy way. But listen yourself to choose the right one!

How does it work?

So what do you have to do to get a chance of winning 500€ and get the invitation to record the summer song in a professional Studio? Well there are 4 simple steps:

listen to the sofasession summer songsPrelisten the 3 sofasession summer songs and select one of them to work with. You can look up the chords and structure in the descriptions of the songs. If you have any questions you can also leave a comment or drop our tutors a message!


sign-upsign up to sofasession if you haven’t yet! It’s free, super easy and a lot of fun. So go ahead.




To jam on the summer songs you can simply click on “contribute”, you can try out some licks and write some notes. When you’re ready hit the record button in your session and start recording your track! Afterwards make sure you upload it!


endorseTo win you’ll need as many likes as you can get! Engage your friends, ask your parents, scream it from your rooftop – but make sure a lot of people like your track to increase your chance of winning!


winning the sofasession summer song competition

Now it’s time for winning. The song with the most likes and comments will be selected as the winner song of the sofasession summer song competition 2015. You’ll get a notification from us with your invitation to Vienna and we’ll have an awesome recording session!


Good luck and maybe we’ll see in Vienna!