Featured band – The Hanged Man

We are happy to announce that from now on we will publish interviews with new talented musicians!

With the digital age progressing, the amount of bands has rapidly grown. It became both easier and more difficult to be heard. We want to share the great tunes with you, and hope you pass them on too. Our first spotlight is dedicated  to The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man is a 5-piece psychedelic pop band from Sweden. Their grim sounding is accompanied by Rebecka Rolfart’s light and resonant voice. A little cold, a little lonely, these tunes give you goose pimples already on the first listen. This music is perfect for the foggy autumn mornings, when you are taking 8am train.

The Hanged Man arose in the calm after the storm, in a time of stillness when the world suddenly had turned upside down. The inspiration comes from dark places like forests, skies and seas – even the own head where the interior is as a lake. The places are not necessarily scary, rather secure. It is in those places the soul gets room to shout out its need for affirmation. Places where darkness becomes a light.

The debut single ‘First Time Dreaming’ was released in September 2014 on PNKSLM Recordings. The mini debut album ‘First Quarter Moon’ is out now via Kning Disk/Telegram Studios.

Sofasession met Rebecka in the most exciting corner of digital space , asked some interesting questions and received even more interesting answers :)

The Hanged Man 2
Rebecka Rolfart. Photo by Sona Hellman.
The Hanged Man
Rebecka Rolfart. Photo by Sona Hellman.

What is the most difficult when you have just formed a band?

The most difficult thing… maybe to let go? I mean let go of the thoughts about everything. That the songs are good enough to be preformed and so on. What is difficult can also be easy. To keep the group together for instance, hopefully it just floats and everyone is happy, but if there will be a time when not everyone is happy about the situation it can be hard to keep it all together.

What are your biggest musical inspirations?

I get most inspired by the nature and big surroundings for thoughts to grow. It is so interesting what comes out when you are stuck at a place where you are completely alone. Then music gets born.

Do Swedish grey winter days affect your sounding? If yes, do you think you would sound different if you were to relocate to Spain?

I think so, but I have not experienced being creative in Spain yet. I think the melancholic thoughts take over during winter. And melancholia is a big part of The Hanged Man. And the darkness, only snow makes the winter a bit lighter, but the snow is not trustworthy. One day everything is beautiful, the other day you are left in grey mud.

How do your songs get created?

Sometimes it starts with a poem that becomes a lyric, and then the lyric becomes a melody. Sometimes it starts with a riff on the guitar or at the piano. Then it just floats out my fingers. In the studio magic happens when playing and recording the songs with the band. Everyone adds something that makes the songs golden.

What are your rehearsals generally like? 

Very funny and entertaining. We always get silly about the songs and play them in different genres. The blues shrimp is a common visitor at our rehearsals.

What are other young Swedish bands you are proud of?

If we draw the line by the age of 27 I would say: Saigon, Munnen, Moon City Boys, Invader Ace, Vulkano, Dolores Haze, Holy, Slowgold, Side Effects, Sverige. Ok, now I stop…

When and where is your next concert?

In Luleå in north of Sweden, april 18th.

Enjoy their first single “The Island”. The video was directed by Sheila Johansson and Michelle Claesson Eismann.

Band members: Rebecka Rolfart, Anna Myrsten, Elias Jungqvist, Dennis Egberth, Mattias Gustavsson.

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