Brainwave Music

I recently attended a conference and there was something on the agenda that I found very interesting. The title was Brainwave Music. Incredible, this guy was making music with his brain alone! Can you image that you create music by your thoughts alone? That really sounds like Science Fiction, but Ulf Schöneberg is exactly doing

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Stone Breeze – Featured Artist

After 20 years on the road with the band Hanagorik, Tuca Araújo, Tontonho Gomes and Jones Sena decided to explore new musical horizons and new paths. So they invited two friends, Wagner Melo and Eduardo Souza to start a new band. Stone Breeze is what those guys came up with.
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Powernerd – Featured Artist (ROBOTS!)

Sometimes we stumble across real music gems. Powernerd is definitely one of them. Mixing 80ies style Dancesounds with groovy basslines and some kickass solos is just the SHIT we (and probably YOU) want to hear! They just released their new EP “VENDIGO”, it’s massively dope and you get all infos about those crazy robots here. You can even contribute to their songs on sofasession, ffs, but don’t tell anyone.. it’s a secret.
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Top 5 music industry issues

Being in a band is like running a business. The band like any other product is made for sale. It has to have a certain shape, an attractive look and most importantly satisfy the customer. Unless it is total anarchy, and earning money is not in your plans.

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Donauinselfest 2015

Are you ready for the biggest free open air festival in Europe? A lot of new rising acts will rock side by side with famous stars. Check out what going on at this years Donauinselfest #DIF15:Continue Reading →