We have updated sofasession software

Great news! You now can do more on sofasession.com! Most of you have already tried jamming online, but now you can select backing tracks (sofasession songs) from the songs collection available on the platform and jam to them!


Before you could only play with friends live and online. You can still do that plus play using songs at the same time or simply jam to the selected backing track. It basically looks the same as a normal session, but additionally to other players you can also select tracks to jam with. If someone contributed to a song already with lets say 3 different drum tracks, you can choose the one you like the most, by pressing the select button that will turn it green, and continue jamming. The owner of the song will see these updates too and is free to choose best takes which will be selected by default.

Go try it yourself, add some backing tracks and start creating new awesome sounds! Feel free to share your thoughts about the new feature or if you have any idea how we can improve your sofasession experience, please let us know by commenting below or simply email us.

sofasession software1

screenshot session 2