What’s new on sofasession?

Hey guys,

you might have noticed that it got a bit quieter on sofasession from the team side. And there is a great reason for that, so it’s time to share it with you. Are you ready?

By the way, only because we’re silent, doesn’t mean the sofa community went silent, too. You guys rock! It’s been super active here throughout the past year. And we’re super proud and happy, that you all pursue your dream of making music together! Good job and keep rocking!

An unexpected realization

So, what was happening in sofasession – the company, not the platform.

You might remember this awesome questionnaire we did a while ago. It was super helpful to learn how you guys got to know about sofa, what you expect to be able to do here. What your interest in music are. And why you actually use sofasession.

So why do you use sofasession? Three out of four want to jam with others. Some want to find musicians, other to jam alone with backing tracks. So it’s all about the fun of music making.

Get better = Reason Nr. 2 to make music regularly

But the most unexpected result for us was that HALF of you want to actually get better on their instrument. That was a very new perspective to the whole jam community.

At the same time, music schools close to our office in Vienna came asking, if there’s a way they could use sofasession in their music classes. Of course you can! we told them excitedly, but…

Both topics came together and we realized: Musicians don’t only want to PLAY music, but also IMPROVE and LEARN. And that’s when we started working on our second service etudo, which is focusing on exactly this topic: music education!Etudo-Beispiel-Website 2

So basically it’s an app music students can use together with their music teacher to find multi-track playalongs, music sheets and record quick projects together (so far mostly in German though).

But it’s not the only project we’re working on! What else?

New recommendation system

For about a year we’re collaborating with the Viennese Technical University (TU) to develop a recommendation tool for you guys! What’s that? An intelligent system is analyzing the projects you’ve already collaborated with, what kind of genre and instrument you play and which people on sofasession you like to play with. With that awesome technology, we can suggest you exactly the right projects to check out.

How is this gonna work?

Next week we’ll run a first test round, where (with a bit of luck) YOU will get an email with THREE projects on sofasession, which you should definitely check out.

There are three categories:

1. A project you might like

2. A project that needs your contribution

3. A project with users you’ve already collaborated with

It’s the first test for now. So if you get one of those emails and something doesn’t work you can write us to contact@sofasession.com. Or if it works and you like it, also write to us!

I think it’s time to wrap up this blog post. Now you know what’s new on sofasession. Keep rocking guys and we’re happy to hear what you think about our new projects! Write soon.