Why music works and Why you don’t need reasons to love it

We’ve been reminded about the power of music through this video by School of Life. Read the summary of Why Music Works, watch the video and find more resources on the topic here.

The video states that we humans are creatures that are tonal before we can understand and talk. Our mothers sing us lullabies all over the world. Do babies actually listen to the words? No! We are calmed by the music of the lullaby.

The video talks about Orpheus who calmed a beast through music. Already the Greek’s in the antique knew about the psychological power of music.

Music is a lot more powerful than arguments, words, reason. Whenever you are in a bad mood, anxious or upset music helps you to change it.

Doesn’t this song make you calmer?

Examples why music works

Music reconnects us with feelings and emotions we cannot create in ourselves through thoughts and arguments alone.

Remember this moment you accidentally watch a horror movie or drama without music? It’s amazing to see how the effect is gone! Without film music, the pictures and words have maybe just 20% of their power.

Same goes for advertising. Would it make you emotional or concerned without the music? Definitely, no.

Check this book on Music if you’re interested: How Music Works by David Byrne.

Music also lowers the barriers between strangers. Music is part of every culture and society. Notes and melodies are understood by everybody. So it doesn’t matter which langues is used then.

Why music works? Because it’s not rational!

The video inspired me to think about the topic. And I discovered I don’t need to let psychological research to know that I love music. The reason why music works for me? There is none!

We’ve written a lot about making music here. Why it makes you awesome. Why you should make music online and play music together. But the only real thing I can tell you now is this: Nobody needs to tell you reasons to make music.

There is no reason behind singing. Listening to music. No reason why all over the world, for centuries people see music as a big part of their life.

So many musicians which want to live off their music struggle with questions about purpose, income. If it’s really what they should be doing. And I think making music means you are a master in listening to your instinct. Well done!

How amazing is it to do something just because! It’s natural. It makes you feel good, so go for it!

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Ok, this was just one opinion. In your eyes, what are reasons why music works?