And the winner is… [ songwriting competition ]

This March our team was looking for a soundtrack to use in the sofasession promotion videos. Thanks a lot, you all who took part in the songwriting competition. You are all awesome! Songwriting is quite a task. So we are more than proud you took the time and your creativity to create great tracks. And the winner of the Songwriting Contest is…

Danny from Recife, Brazil! Congratulations!

Winner Songwriting Competition

In the older days, Danny used to play in a metal band named HANAGORIK. He was playing guitar and wrote the songs. Then he started to make music on his own. And found sofasession for making music online. Glad we met you here: check out his profile on sofasession.

By the way, he is the user with the most songs here – proud of you! Apart from that, Danny works as a live audio engineer, makes commercial videos and helps friends to learn guitar.


The winning soundtrack:

Give it up for Danny’s track:

We will use Danny’s track in both videos. Note: This version is a draft. The song will be produced again to match quality standards.

The prize of the songwriting competition:


  • 200 EUR for the soundtrack
  • life-long premium membership for sofasession – some updates will be released later this spring

Flow of the songwriting competition:

Musicians created tracks on sofasession. Some also sent tracks directly via e-mail. The final winner was chosen by the whole team. Danny received most YES’es. Congratulations, Danny for winning both parts of the songwriting competition. We love your song!

In case, you forgot how the videos looked like – here they are.

Video #1:



Video #2:


Backgrounds of the videos:

We worked together with the Vienna-based movie agency Illuminati Films. You guys made a great shot with this great videos. They were filmed in Vienna and Jamaica end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. Most of the actors are musicians from Vienna. One shot even includes Helmut, one of the sofasession founders.


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